Mirak Suede Alberta Slipper / Mens Slippers Beige pFudH

Mirak Suede Alberta Slipper / Mens Slippers Beige pFudH
  • Mixed, ,
  • Mens classic slipper.
  • Elegant Suede upper.
  • Soft cushioning with textile lining.
Mirak Suede Alberta Slipper / Mens Slippers Beige pFudH Mirak Suede Alberta Slipper / Mens Slippers Beige pFudH

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Hello Karuros,

You speak a lot about ‘disappointment’, ‘failing them’, ‘comparing yourself’ to them, and having to appear ‘strong and unwavering’ to your parents.

I’m getting the feeling that no one around you sees you for who YOU are; it seems like your entire worthiness, to others and to yourself, is built around what you accomplish or don’t accomplish, how you project your outer ‘facade’ to the world. It seems like you – whoever you are deep inside – is not being seen, cared about, validated by anyone, not even by yourself. It’s all about outward appearances and accomplishments so far, right?

But inside, behind that facade you’re fronting to your family and to the world… there’s a whole different person in there, feeling abandoned and unseen.

I have emailed you.

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Wow i am sitting in my car still having reached the end of my alltogether attempt at a new day, when again the obstacles begin knocking my every morning routine.About to FRACTURE FROM WITHIN i grab my Cell for 6th time of trying to get signal and WRITE OUT THE WORDS ,”helpneplease” and THIS PAGE APPEARS. MIRACULOUSLY whomever wrote this page TAPPED INTO our souls(obviously) by Divinty tapped forst into the writer. I am grateful for that person and this ability

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Hi MelissaAnne, I’m glad you stumbled upon my site and that this page was here when you needed it. I have emailed you.

June 5, 2017 at 8:52 am

There are no words to thank you for your generosity in sharing your experiences and wisdom. I felt so alone when I typed “help me, please” into Google. Actually, I am alone. But I don’t feel so alone now. Your story about the man who committed suicide was the wake up call I needed. There are so many people who cross my path each day needing validation, but I’ve been so stuck in my own sorrow it’s all I’ve been able to see. I can actually feel the anxiety lifting as I type these words. Thank you! You are an angel!

June 6, 2017 at 3:13 pm

Hello Diane, I have emailed you.

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Thank you for writing this, and the rest of your site. Having put “help me” into Google, I came here, feeling so lonely and sad I can’t be in my own skin. I’m seeing a therapist who told me last week to keep telling myself I am worthy of the things I want (to have a baby, for my husband to really love me as a person) but I don’t know how to feel it, because I don’t. I’m supposed to look in the mirror and do this, but I just see the face of a complete idiot, running out of time to become a mum.

NASA's flagship mission for X-ray astronomy.

A new look at the debris from an exploded star in our galaxy has astronomers re-examining when the supernova actually happened. Recent observations of the supernova remnant called G11.2-0.3 with NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory have stripped away its connection to an event recorded by the Chinese in 386 CE.

Historical supernovas and their remnants can be tied to both current astronomical observations as well as historical records of the event. Since it can be difficult to determine from present observations of their remnant exactly when a supernova occurred, historical supernovas provide important information on stellar timelines. Stellar debris can tell us a great deal about the nature of the exploded star, but the interpretation is much more straightforward given a known age.

New Chandra data on G11.2-0.3 show that dense clouds of gas lie along the line of sight from the supernova remnant to Earth. Infrared observations with the Palomar 5-meter Hale Telescope had previously indicated that parts of the remnant were heavily obscured by dust. This means that the supernova responsible for this object would simply have appeared too faint to be seen with the naked eye in 386 CE. This leaves the nature of the observed 386 CE event a mystery.

A new image of G11.2-0.3 is being released in conjunction with this week's workshop titled "Chandra Science for the Next Decade" being held in Cambridge, Massachusetts. While the workshop will focus on the innovative and exciting science Chandra can do in the next ten years, G11.2-0.3 is an example of how this "Great Observatory" helps us better understand the complex history of the Universe and the objects within it.

Taking advantage of Chandra's successful operations since its launch into space in 1999, astronomers were able to compare observations of G11.2-0.3 from 2000 to those taken in 2003 and more recently in 2013. This long baseline allowed scientists to measure how fast the remnant is expanding. Using this data to extrapolate backwards, they determined that the star that created G11.2-0.3 exploded between 1,400 and 2,400 years ago as seen from Earth.

More information at http://chandra.si.edu/photo/2016/g11/index.html

-Megan Watzke, CXC

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Neutron Stars/X-ray Binaries
Disclaimer: This service is provided as a free forum for registered users. Users' comments do not reflect the views of the Chandra X-ray Center and the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. Please note this is a moderated blog. No pornography, spam, profanity or discriminatory remarks are allowed. No personal attacks are allowed. Users should stay on topic to keep it relevant for the readers. El Naturalista N5031 Womens MOLA Sandals Tibet SzBdcMV


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Out of all rookie quarterbacks in this year’s game, Jackson finished with the second-highest rating, 79, behind Baker Mayfield of the Cleveland Browns. Rounding out the top 5 is Josh Rosen of the Arizona Cardinals (78), Sam Darnold of the New York Jets (75) and Josh Allen of the Buffalo Bills (74).

It’s no secret that Jackson has been compared to Michael Vick several times. Vick revolutionized the game during his 13-year career, both as a passer (22,464 yards, 133 touchdowns) and as a runner (6,109 yards, 36 touchdowns). Vick’s quarterback rushing totals land him third all-time in the record books. If Jackson continues to keep defenses on their feet like he did in college, his career could start to parellel Vick’s.

Vick entered the NFL as a rookie in 2001, making Madden 2002 the quarterback’s first appearance in the game. The rating categories are slightly different than the current format. As a rookie, Vick ranked 72 overall with 89 speed, 42 carrying, 61 break tackle, 85 agility, and 84 acceleration. When Vick was on the cover for Madden 04 , he carried a 95 overall rating with 95 speed, 54 carrying, 49 break tackle, 95 agility, and 94 acceleration. Along with being able to evade almost any defender with 95 speed, Vick owned a 97 throw power with an 84 in throw accuracy. Even though he did not rank 99 overall, the 2004 version of Vick was the most dominant player in the history of Madden.

Next: Baltimore Ravens: All-Time 53 man roster

The rating categories have changed, and it’s much harder to run as a quarterback in the current version of Madden opposed to 2004’s game. Despite being drafted at a lower pick than Vick (Vick was selected #1 overall by Atlanta in 2001), Madden gave Jackson higher marks than Vick as a rookie. Time will tell where Jackson’s career as a dual-threat quarterback goes, but comparatively speaking with Vick, it’s off to a solid start, at least in Madden’s eyes.

When August gets here, there will be a ton of things to talk about. Before you know it, the NFL Preseason will be here. When Madden comes out, you’ll have another outlet for your football fix. Make sure to follow Ebony Bird for everything about your Baltimore Ravens. Whether it’s talking about the latest news in the football world, or giving you insight when something goes down, Ebony Bird has you covered.

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However, if we examine any of these filters in detail, we realize that things are not so simple. Let’s take the Wind filter (located under the Stylize submenu) as an example. This is how Photoshop CS4’s built-in Help describes this filter: “Places tiny horizontal lines in the image to create a windblown effect. Methods include Wind; Blast, for a more dramatic wind effect; and Stagger, which offsets the lines in the image.” We are all familiar with the visual effects of a strong wind on a physical environment (for instance, blowing through a tree or a field of grass) – but before you encountered this filter, you probably never imagined that you can “wind” an image. Shall we understand the name of this filter as a metaphor? Or perhaps, we can think of it as an example of a conceptual “blend” (which is how, according to Conceptual Blending theory, Blubi Womens Fashion Animal Slippers Doll Slippers Rose nHj9ZeAhR1
many concepts in natural languages get formed): “wind” plus “image” results in a new concept actualized in the operations of the Wind filter.

Left: original image. Middle: Wind filter, method “wind.” Right: Wind filter, method “blast.”

The situation is further complicated by the fact that the results of applying the Wind filter to an image look pretty different compared to what the actual wind does to a tree or a field of grass. However, they do look rather similar to a photograph of a real windy scene taken with a long exposure. Therefore, we can think of the name “Wind” both as a metaphor – to help us imagine what a particular algorithmic transformation does to an image – and as a simulation of a particular photographic technique (long exposure). In short, although its name points to the physical world, its actual operations may also refer to a pre-digital media technology.

Are there “Born Digital” Filters? Let’s continue exploration of Photoshop filters. The great majority of the filters make references to previous physical media or our experiences in the physical world – at least in terms of how they are named. Only a few don’t. These filters include High-pass, Median, Reduce Noise, Sharpen, and Equalize. Are these filters “born digital”? In other words, did we finally get to pure examples of “new” media techniques (2b)? The answer is no. As it turns out, all these filters are also software simulations that refer to things that already existed before digital computers.

Are there “Born Digital” Filters?

Left: original image. Right: High Pass filter (radius = 10 pixels.)

Although they represent a small subset of Photoshop’s extensive filter collection, these filters are central to all electronics, telecommunication and IT technologies. Moreover, they are not unique to processing digital images but can be used on any kind of data – sounds, television transmission, data captured by an environmental sensor, data captured by a medical imaging devices, etc.

In their Photoshop implementation, these filters work on continuous-tone images, but since they can be also applied to sound and other types of signals, they actually belong to our “media-independent” category (1a). In other words, they are general techniques developed first in engineering and later also in computer science for signal and information processing. The application of these techniques to images forms the part of the field of image processing defined as “any form of information processing for which the input is an image, such as photographs or frames of video.” 6

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