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Business Success For the Working Filmmaker Videographer

The Blog 7 Ways Mise-en-scene Will Make You a Better Filmmaker

Matt Editing , Filmmaking , Video Production , Writing 2 Comments

We have a guest post today from Michael Hall of ShoHawk . ShoHawk is a filmmaking education site and Michael writes for us today about a term any good filmmaker should know: mise-en-scene.

As filmmakers and directors, the purpose of our art is to tell a visual story to our audience. Many (if not most) people think that the Mens Outdoor Sport Running Walking Shoes Lightweight Casual Sneakers B102 White ZwUV0aUu
is either explicitly conveyed in the script/narration or at least implicitly delivered along the plot and conversations between the characters.

Although this isn’t entirely incorrect, the vast majority of viewers tend to neglect elaborate design aspects seen on the screen, including but not limited to lighting, location, costume, and props.

Just like in a novel in which the author has to create an atmosphere, which reflects characters’ state of mind, film production also requires the director to produce the exact same thing; the biggest difference is that the director needs to do this visually.

The result of this visual treatment is called mise-en-scene .

Mise-en-scene— a starting point

The term mise-en-scene comes from a French theatrical expression , which means ‘to put into the scene.’

The mise-en-scene covers the most noticeable attributes of a film —that includes the set up and the actors, which includes different costumes and make-up, props, and different natural or artificial details for the scenes to be filmed.

Mise-en-scene is an expression used to describe the theater or film production design aspects. It is usually used to refer to various single scenes inside the film to represent the whole film. This basically signifies the visual theme, both in visual artful ways through storyboarding and cinematography for the whole movie.

The mise-en-scene in a film shows the visuals in the frame and the way it appears and is organized. In many places, the term has pretty much survived into the present day in this shape.

Mise-en-scene was first applied to film by a number ofFrench critics writing in the 1950s. This was at Cahiers du Cinéma (Notebooks on Cinema). Mise-en-scene refers to the fullness of any given shot.

The visuals that were filmed, and also how it is framed are involved in mise-en-scene. This mise-en-scene was first acquired from French theater, where it referred to everything that appears on the stage.

The reasoning was that a film’s mise-en-scene comprised of everything that the camera sees: the setting, the lighting, the on-screen characters, their performances and acting with their outfits, makeups and props. It referred to how those components were arranged in the frames.

@Melanie 1) I think you could change MARC to do better but then I would not be MARC anymore. You would need to ban many current use, so it would be a totally different format. I suppose that just changing fields will not work. 2) Just using MARC, XML, RDF, or anything else is not enough but you need to keep in mind the framework around these formats and how they are actually be used. The task is to exactly define the format in atomic parts, that can be used independently from each other. As shown in this article, MARC was not designed for this task. XML can do (but it does not require) and RDF is more designed to split and merge pieces of data. You can also design unusable records in RDF, just as you could design better usable records in MARC, but the framework around RDF and how it is actually used, encourages you to design data in a more usable way.

Melanie , 2010-10-22

So, if I understand you correctly:

1) you could do that with MARC, but it wouldn’t really be a good solution to the problem. It certainly wouldn’t solve the problem of legacy data!, but then I realized that even before I asked the question. The conversion of legacy data is a lead weight that drags the whole process down, I think.

and 2) There isn’t yet really a good replacement yet. Maybe XML with a really good DTD?

Matthew Phillips , 2010-12-15

I see also that UNIMARC (the main rival to MARC21 outside the English-speaking world) went a similar route to UK-MARC, meaning that the punctuation separating fields is generated from the subfield markers. So it looks like it’s just MARC21 which is tied to the era of catalogue card production.

Earl_J , 2011-06-15

Great article provides much to think and rethink…

Earl_J , Aerosoles Womens Crash Pad Mule Dark Blue Suede ak3bub

Hello Jason, tried your direct email without success … You know, in my MLS training, we called MARC Machine-Readable Code … maybe if we bring back that term, your notion of the markup might make more sense to others.

Just a thought that zipped through as I was thinking about the article … or perhaps I was rethinking, gee whiz, it is hard to keep track.


Until that time … Earl J.

Embracing Lossy: Sacrificing Metadata to Gain Agility | American Society for Information Science Technology , 2011-07-08

[…] [6] Thomale, J. (2010, September 21). Interpreting MARC: Where’s the bibliographic data? Code{4}Lib Journal, 11. Retrieved March 24, 2011, from http://journal.code4lib.org/articles/3832 […]

Linked Data and Libraries: Linked Data OPAC » Overdue Ideas , 2011-07-14

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I keep going back to site because I love your posts on . Your quirky take on has really been a great inspiration to me and has helped me to look at my own writing in a different way. Thanks so much!

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